Blogger Headshots: 4 Tips to Help You Plan Your Session

4 Tips for Planning your Blogger Headshots

Blogger Headshots in Pittville Park

Suffice to say that 2020 has so far been a bit of a beast! During lockdown this year I started thinking about how I could create a service that would help support newer businesses and give them a bit of a boost whilst being purse-friendly too. I started to design a small business and blogger headshot service designed exclusively for women newly in business.

Introducing the Creator Collection!

Affordable Branding Headshots to help females newly in business flourish. Read more about the Creator Collection package here and how it is designed to help younger businesses.

Blogger Headshots of education blogger Emma Bradley at Pittville Pump Rooms

To celebrate launching this new service I wanted to celebrate some of the businesses I have worked with since the launch and share some of my favourite images, to give you a flavour of their experience. Let’s kick things off with two bloggers I had the pleasure of working with soon after launching, plus my top tips for planning your own blogger headshots.

Blogger Headshots of education blogger Emma Bradley in Pittville park

Emma Bradley was the quick out of the gates to contact me as soon as I launched my headshot package! What a dream client! Emma is a former teacher, and now wears a variety of hats including (but not limited to!) professional blogger at Mums Savvy Savings and Emmaand3, writer, public speaker and co-founder of a new blog coaching consultancy Top Blog Coaching.

Blogger Headshots of education blogger Emma Bradley in Pittville Park

Emma got in touch to arrange some headshots for her business and for her PR, since she’s often featured in local and national press offering commentary on topical parenting issues. She booked another session for her friend and colleague Louise Williams, who is also a professional family and lifestyle blogger at Pink Pear Bear as well as a Blog Coach alongside Emma in their new venture Top Blog Coaching.

Blogger Headshots of family blogger Louise Williams of Pink Pear Bear in a park surrounded by greenery

I met with Emma and Louise in Pittville Park in Cheltenham one bright and sunny early autumn day, to capture some relaxed and friendly headshots.

Blogger Headshots of family blogger Louise Williams of Pink Pear Bear in Pittville Pump Rooms

Blogger Headshots of family blogger Louise Williams of Pink Pear Bear in a park surrounded by greenery

These two girls giggled their whole way through each session! It was such fun and I think that having your best business buddy behind the camera cheering you on is a great way to achieve natural, warm smiles and laughs!

Blogger Headshots in Pittville Park

So without further ado, here are my top 4 tips for planning your blogger headshot session.

1. Think backwards!

What types of uses will your photos need to serve? What style of social media posts do you tend to share, and therefore what type of images would be appropriate? What uses do you have beyond social media? For example, headshots for your About Me page, guests posts on other websites or PR shots, online training courses or freebies you might create. Planning what you need to use your images for will help us to shape your session and capture content that will genuinely be useful for your business.

2. Choose a location with variety

This is key. Headshot sessions are short and snappy, so we don’t want to eat into your session time by jumping in the car to reach a second location. A location which offers a variety of different backdrops will really help give your images breadth and make them last longer, and will also keep your audience engaged for longer too. Win win.

3. Incorporate different outfits

Bringing along 2 or 3 different outfits (or layers, so that you can peel a jumper off and reveal a ‘different’ outfit underneath!) is a brilliant way of creating multiple looks to maximise the longevity you’ll get from your photos. Stay true to your style, but consider booking a hair appointment or a makeup artist to help you look and feel your best!

4. Props that lend personality

What props or accessories can you easily bring along to a potentially outdoors session that will help convey the personality of your brand?

Blogger Headshots in Pittville Pump Rooms and Park

If you are a blogger looking for some fresh headshots, please do get in touch! I offer a free chat to talk through what you need and ask any burning questions!

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