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Hey, Small Business Owner!

Are you ready to show up on your website and social media in a whole new way and take your marketing to a completely different level?

Photos freeze a fleeting moment.

They are a way of visually telling the story of your brand and your personality. 

A brand film magnifies that ability to connect with your audience and really pull them in.

As an experienced Cotswold brand film maker and photographer I know that a good brand film should not only capture your audience’s attention but keep it, by creating a compelling feeling of personal connection to that brand.

Branded content doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it must be engaging.

I know that you know how important beautiful, on-brand lifestyle images are to your brand. But imagine taking that one step further.

You don’t sell your services. You sell how your services make your clients feel.

Elevate your brand, get your business noticed and book your dream clients.

I help Cotswold creative business owners and female founders just like you to show up online with style and grace, and share the story of their brand through beautiful cinematic branding films.

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Working with you was one of the best business decisions I ever made!

 You are worth every penny.

Sophia Carter, Stylist

What are mini brand films?

Emma is SO patient and really is wonderful to work with. I’m SO lucky to have found her to capture the very important and special bits of my business.

I couldn’t recommend Emma’s work ethics, professionalism and talent enough. So fabulous and inspiring to work with.

Sasha, Make Up Artist

The way that you captured my personality in the films and the images really helped to speak to the audience I was trying to attract.

People are coming to me from quite a vulnerable place sometimes, and if they can see that softness it makes it a much easier step to engage in business with me. 

Sophia, Stylist

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Why does brand storytelling matter?

If consumers made purchases rationally they would simply make buying decisions based on the pros and cons of a product/service.

But have you ever bought something because it felt right? Because your gut told you to? Because you ‘needed’ it?

We buy when we make a connection to a brand and its story.

A story has the power to engage our hearts as well as our minds and elicit emotion. (Were you ever read bedtime facts as a child?!)

By telling a story you’re connecting with your audience and building trust.

Your unique brand story will set you apart from your competition and differentiate your brand.

Why should I use video on my website?

Videos are masters of storytelling. Videos that engage people by telling a story in which people can imagine themselves are a super powerful way of selling the benefits of your products/services.

Videos keep people engaged on your website for longer. And Google likes ‘dwell time’. Websites with videos keep people on average 60% longer.

People need information to make informed decisions. Video can capture the hearts and minds of your audience to empower them to make their choice.

People buy people, so video will help people get to know, like and trust you. It’s a unique and powerful way to share your personality and enable people to get to know you.

Why does Google love video?

Video is a powerful storytelling marketing tool. It can drive sales, engagement and revenue.

Google doesn’t necessarily know that you’re sharing a video, but it knows that people are more engaged with your content and staying longer on your site. Google likes pages where people spend time, and so it’ll learn that your website is engaging and important, which ultimately improves ranking.

Is it better to embed videos or link to them?

It’s usually better to embed videos into your site. This means hosting them on a third party website such as YouTube or Vimeo, then embedding them into your web page.

Embedding videos creates a better user experience. It’s generally better for SEO as it results in increased time spent on your website since visitors stay on your page (they don’t need to leave your page to watch the film), and it can help improve the searchability of your video.

To be honest, I was very nervous and rather dreading the shoot. In the end, I actually enjoyed meeting Emma and chatting to her. She helped me to relax and be natural. As a result my branding video shows a relaxed and happy image of me, and not a cheesy awkward grin, which is what I was fearing!! Thank you Emma!

Joanna, WYE SLEEP, Hereford

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