Food Photography Flat Lays

Food flat lay of popcorn and ice cream by Emma Jackson Photography

Since taking client bookings during the lockdown period was clearly not an option, I wanted to use the time productively to create something useful for other small businesses. I spent the first few weeks creating a guide to taking your own branding photos – after all, the desire or need to engage with your audience doesn’t stop just because you can’t book a photographer.Food photography of bread and croissants by Emma Jackson Photography

I realised soon after it launched that I was feeling pretty burnt out. I was finding the juggle of ‘keep calm and carry on’ with a toddler, a business, impossible food shopping and a home to maintain during a global pandemic a lot – I’d never had so little time to myself! So I looked for something to nourish my soul – and I found food photography flat lays.

Food photography of coffee and pastries by Emma Jackson Photography

Food photography flat lays

I have always wanted to try my hand at food photography, there’s something about it that really intrigues me. To get me started I had the idea of doing flower ice creams. Anyone who knows me know that I am head over heels in love with flowers! I got really excited and obsessed over where I could find waffle cones in a pandemic!

Flat lay photography of lilac flower ice creams by Emma Jackson Photography

My food flat lay adventure has been a lot of fun (and my boys have not complained yet either since they get to eat the props afterwards!) 🙂 It’s been wonderful to take advantage of the opportunity to learn new skills whilst really enjoying losing myself in the process!

Flat lay of gourmet avocado toasts by Emma Jackson Photography

Why invest in product photography?

Whether your products are croissants, handmade soaps or stationary, displaying your items in their best possible light will enable you to connect with your audience. We live in such a visual world, so helping your audience to understand how your products look and will make them feel is key to helping your brand stand out.

Food photography of figs by Emma Jackson Photography

If you’re a cake maker, baker or food business, or you sell products I’d love to hear from you. Let’s chat about how I could help you improve your brand’s visibility! I offer a half day or a whole day package to capture some magical product photography. Feel free to get in touch using my contact form!

Photography of lilac flower ice creams by Emma Jackson Photography

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